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Since its beginnings in 1981, the Cornwall Association of Local Historians has produced two Journals
every year until 2013 when it reverted to one issue a year.

This updated Index to the many interesting articles, reports and Notes and Queries has been completed by Sally Pocock for the benefit of the Association’s members wishing to find articles of special interest to them.

There are a number of intentional omissions (ie dates of meetings and some queries that seem no longer relevant) and the description of bi-annual issues has varied: April and Spring, likewise October and Autumn are merely different names for the same issues.

For members who do not hold earlier issues of the Journal, there is a full set available for consultation at
the Courtney Library, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro. Talks given at AGMs, for which the Association has no script, are listed, as is an Index of Books reviewed in the Journal.

1982 – 1984 Derek Reynolds
1985 – 1990 Brenda Hull
1991 – 1992 Stanley Vivian
1993 – 1999 Brenda Hull
1999 – 2007 David Quill Smart
2007 - 2012 Pam Lomax

Abbreviations used in the text
AGM - Annual General Meeting
BALH - British Association of Local Historians
CALH - Cornwall Association of Local Historians
CFHS - Cornwall Family History Society
Conf. - Conference
CRO - Cornwall Record Office
N. & Q. - Notes and Queries
PRO - Public Record Office (now National Archives)
RIC - Royal Institution of Cornwall
Rly. - Railway



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