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 CALH encourages its members to be actively involved in exploring local history through a number of activities and on-line and printed materials. 

The association holds an annual two-day residential conference every February which examines an eclectic mix of subjects specific to Cornwall -- gardens and their history, art, the reformation, music, transport, agriculture, personalities, religions, the idea of Cornwall in literature to name just a few from the past decade. Each features an array of experts and professionals presenting programs on the topic of the hour, but also interacting with our members in exchanges designed to make the experience an enriching and valuable one for all involved.

The association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in conjunction with the February conference when the committee is elected. It consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Secretary, Membership Secretary, Journal Editor, Newsletter Editor and up to 10 other members, together with the current Cornwall Archivist.

There is also a one-day conference toward the end of each October focusing on a topic of interest dealing with Cornish history.

Up to four times each year, CALH stages “Days Out” – all-day visits to locations across Cornwall organised by members and featuring presentations by local experts followed by walking tours of the area in focus.  

CALH publishes a Journal annually - in the spring – which contains scholarly but lively articles and photographs on various aspects of Cornish history and book reviews.

There is a newsletter published three times a year as well – in February, August and November – to keep members abreast of the association itself and to provide a calendar of events and relevant information about local history activities across Cornwall in the coming months.

It only costs £15 annually to belong to CALH


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Henry Jenner speaks to Celtic Congress, Menabily Gates, 1932
Henry Jenner speaks to Celtic Congress, Menabily Gates, 1932